About mike Maher.

mike Maher. is the founder and editor of Sea Giraffe, an online literary ‘zine. He currently reads, writes, edits, re-reads, rewrites, and walks his dog, Young Money, in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains. His poetry, fiction, and personal essays can be seen in publications like The Smoking Poet, The Ofi Press Magazine, and Calliope.

While earning his BA in English from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, he served as the Vice President and Forum Editor of The Stroud Courier, winning the Jim Barniak Award for journalism twice during his time there. He also won the Martha E. Martin Award for poetry while at ESU.

While he already enjoyed poetry, he fell head over heels in love with it after reading Dean Young’s elegy on toy piano. Since then, he has read nearly every poem written by Dean Young. For continued inspiration, he reads poetry by Tony Hoagland, Bob Hicok, Stuart Dybek, Edward Hirsch, Lisa Zaran, John Ashberry, Marie Howe, Mark Strand, and Mark Doty.

If Dean Young reignited and redefined his love of poetry, Raymond Carver did the same for short fiction. Carver had such a profound impact on Maher – both as a writer and as a human being – that he wrote a poem dedicated to Carver entitled “Carver’s Law.” The other authors he turns to regularly are John Irving, Cormac McCarthy, Julian Barnes, Ian McEwan, Chuck Palahniuk, and Edgar Allan Poe.


Curious as to why he uses a lowercase “m” for his first name and a “.” after his last name? Well, you will have to ask him that yourself.

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