A Beautiful Bloom and a ’11 Review

Posted on December 11, 2011


It seems like I only update this every few months, probably because I do. Sometimes I get busy and forget to update it. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes I’m too lazy to update it. Sometimes I forget I even have this thing. This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you how sorry I am for not updating this blog (not that anyone actually cares) and that I promise to be better at updating it in the future, but I’m probably going to continue at about the same pace and frequency. Anyway, getting down to business.

1.) One of my favorite places to write online is a poetry blog/writing community called Poetic Bloomings. It’s run by two wonderful poets (and wonderful people), Marie Elena Good and Walt Wojtanik. Every week, they post a prompt for poets to use as inspiration to create a poem. And every week, they each select a favorite poem as a “Beautiful Bloom.” This week, one of my poems was selected. Here is what Marie Elena Good had to say about my poem, “Nelly Arcan Tribute:”

“Marie Elena’s pick for this week…

Mike Maher continues to astound me. His tribute to Nelly Arcan is lyrical, moving, and filled with phrasing that gives my own “pilot light behind the rib cage” pause.

Mike, this “bloom” is for you.”

And here is where you can find the poem: http://poeticbloomings2.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/beautiful-blooms-prompt-31/

2.) Three of my poems are featured in the book Prompted, an international anthology of poetry, which is due out any day now. I’ll post more about that when the details available (maybe). I also co-authored the introduction for the book.

3. ) ’11 Review – 2011 was a year of deep valleys and high peaks for me, and that’s OK. There is always the cliche saying of having to go where you did to get to where you are now, or something like that. One bright spot of the year is that I wrote over one hundred poems, and some of them are actually pretty good. Some have been recognized in places like Poetic Bloomings, and others have been published.

4.) I have two books (of poetry) in the works right now, a full length and a chapbook. The full length is Machine Wash Only Greyness, and the chapbook is Sometimes in Distant Parts. MWOG is currently being considered by a small publisher, and much of the content in SIDP has been submitted to some contests. The end results of both may depend on each other, so I am being patient with the process.

5.) I enjoyed the process of Prompted so much that I am thinking about putting something similar (but completely different) together. My initial idea is to put out a “group book of poetry,” much in the way that rap artists put out group albums (see D12, G-Unit, Young Money). My first thought for the name of the group – Manic mike Maher. and the Money Makers – is probably not the right name, although I think it’s pretty sweet. We shall see. At this point, this idea is just that – an idea.



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