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Posted on August 21, 2011


mike Maher., one of the editors at Sea Giraffe and all around super human and great guy (and writer of this post), is featured as a Beautiful Bloom over at Poetic Bloomings, a great website run by people who love poetry and support the continuous creation of new poetry.

The poem is entitled “But I still hear your ghost in these old Punk Rock Clubs.” For those of you who recognize the line, it is taken from the song “Hammers and Strings” by Jack’s Mannequin. And for those of you saying “you thief!” – the poem was written in response to a prompt which called for a poem inspired by music. More specifically, it called for the writer to take a line from one of his/her favorite songs and make it the title of a poem. So, uhh, that’s why the poem is titled “But I still hear your ghost in these old Punk Rock Clubs.”

Please, go over and visit Poetic Bloomings, not just to appreciate my fantastic poem, but to see the great movement they are nurturing over there. And if you are a writer, consider returning to their site and writing poetry of your own in response to their prompts. For the internet-challenged (congratulations on finding your way to this blog, by the way), every time I have written Poetic Bloomings, it has been linked to the location of the poem their website.

And for those of you (get ready to laugh) who have noticed my regular absences from this blog, I apologize. I often get torn between wanting to write my witty opinions on here and wanting to remain professional, in the event that a current or future employer may actually stumble upon this site. Also, my time has been equally divided between Sea Giraffe and Yellow Cat Creative Solutions, the latter being the newer and sexier item on my agenda. Yellow Cat has taken off extremely quickly, and so much of my attention is over there.

I will try to be better on updating this. Or, as the great Bart Simpson once said, “I can’t promise I’ll try, but I’ll try to try.” I actually have new published works to announce here soon, so I will at least return to drop that news.

Until next time, comrades.

mike Maher.

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