“To be or not to be, what’s the big diff?”

Posted on June 14, 2011


“To be or not to be, what’s the big diff?” is the title of my most recent poem. It is actually one of several “recent” poems I have written, but this one is different because of how it came about and where it can now be found. Dean Young enthusiasts like myself will recognize the title of my poem as a line from one of Deano’s poems, “Enter Fortinbras.”

That’s because it is taken directly from that poem. On Monday, I took my first trip over to the POETIC BLOOMINGS poetry site, run by fellow poets and Poetic Asiders Marie Elena Good and Walt Wajtanik. And what a wonderful site it is. I was immediately engaged by their latest poetry prompt, which is right here: “Take your favorite line, from your favorite poem, by your favorite poet. Make that line the inspiration and title of your poem. Shine a fresh new light and write.”

And so I took “To be or not to be, what’s the big diff?” from Deano’s poem, “Enter Fortinbras,” and a new poem was birthed. The poem can now be found on the POETIC BLOOMINGS site (in the comments section, as is the style for the Poetic Asiders). Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think. I have already gotten some feedback, and I am always grateful when I receive some.

But wait, there’s more. For most new poems, a single breath of life would be enough. Not this one, apparently. It was suggested by Marie Elena Good and another Poetic Asider, Pearl Ketover Prilik, that I head over to the Virtual Poetry Reading site, which is run by yet another wonderful Poetic Asider, Buddah Moskowtiz, and submit an audio recording of my poem. I did so, and “To be or not to be, what’s the big diff?” has another home, as it is now posted at virtualpoetryreading.com. Give it a listen and then tell me what you think. You know you want to.

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