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Posted on May 21, 2011


When I first created this accompanying blog (what it accompanies, I’m not quite sure of yet), I intended on updating it regularly with updates on what I have been doing, which of my works have been accepted for publishing, and where they are or will be published. I have failed. With everything else I have been doing and the hectic schedule I have been leading, I seem to have once again neglected this blog. I actually checked it last week and was shocked to see that my last post was March 28. How embarrassing. This update could justifiably go on forever, but I’ll get into the what-has-been-published-where portion of it:

Recently Published

Waking Up” – Memoir excerpt published by Hippocampus Magazine.

  • This is my first published piece which is not poetry. Hippocampus Magazine is actually the first and only place I submitted this little memoir excerpt to, and I was very excited to hear back that they liked it and were going to publish it. I think I was happiest just to find out that they didn’t hate it. At this point in my writing career, whatever that may be, my strength is poetry. Fiction comes and goes, and poetry is my Ace, but creative nonfiction is something I am particularly new to. So, as I said, I was happy to find out their editors like the piece. On a quick side note, Hippocampus is a wonderful little new place for creative nonfiction, complete with great selections and a delightful editor.

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania,” “Altruism in the Flying V,” and “How Lou Gehrig Killed My Uncle.” – poems published by The Copperfield Review

  • I submitted all three of these poems to The Copperfield Review (I know what you’re probably saying – OBVIOUSLY! But hear me out). Anyway, they wrote back and said something about liking my work and wanting to publish it. I wrote back (again -OBVIOUSLY!) and said how great of an idea I thought that was, but I asked if they could be a bit more specific – which of the three poems did they want to publish. All three, they said. And so there they are. They are three poems I like very much, and “Altruism in the Flying V” is one of the most complete poems I have written. It is also the working title for the poetry manuscript it is included in.

Being.” – poem published by Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure

  • Unlike the titles above, these do not link directly to the poems. Dr. Hurley’s doesn’t use permalinks, which I both like and dislike. It is unfortunate because you can’t directly link to your work, but it is fun because you find other great work in the process of looking for it. They also list weekly roundups, so it isn’t exactly difficult to find your work. This particular poem was published on April 9. Feel free to stop by Dr. Hurley’s lab and read my poem and some other really great stuff. They are probably the most unique journal around today. Even you hate me and my poetry, you should check out the world of Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure.

Raphus cucullatus or Everything Turns Away” and “A Conversation With The Self” – poems published by The Subterranean Literary Journal

  • Big news, my friends – I am officially an international phenom. Okay, just kidding. But the fine editors of The Subterranean Literary Journal are from the UK. My poems “Raphus cucullatus or Everything Turns Away” and “A Conversation With The Self” appear both in print and on their wicked cool online reader. Both poems dance back and forth between serious and joking, and I think they are two of my poems which can be appreciated by a wider audience because of their playful attempt at humor. At least I hope so.

In The Not So Distant Future…

I have also had a few poems accepted for publication at later dates. I will be posting again once they are actually published, but you can look for my upcoming work in Contemporary American Voices, Paper Darts, Vox Poetica, and possibly another one which I cannot seem to remember.

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